A modern take on the classic red, white & black wedding

Happy Friday everyone! Over the past week I’ve been working on some designs for my new Wedding Planning Shop. My favourite is the Red, White and Black {Cross My Heart} Print, and is what inspired me for today’s wedding colour scheme. Being an Aries it’s not surprising that I love the colour red, but I’ve never considered using it in my wedding…until now that is!

When I used to think of red themed weddings I’d imagine a very traditional, old-fashioned wedding with lots of deep red satin, damask prints, cascading rose bouquets and everybody dancing to the Time Warp. Flash forward a few decades and there are some really great ways to inject the colour of love and passion in to your big day, making it a wedding day to be remembered (for all the right reasons).

Red Wedding Theme

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Wedding Flower Alternatives

Flowers in weddings started out simple and were traditionally incorporated as a symbol of fertility. Today, flowers continue to play a significant role in weddings, but have become much more elaborate and expensive – the bridal party bouquets, the flower girl’s basket of petals, confetti, the guests boutonnieres, decorating the cars, church, reception…the list goes on. And, before you know it you’ve eaten into a huge chunk of your budget!

If like me, you’d much rather spend that money on entertaining your guests or that designer wedding gown you’ve been admiring, then here’s some wallet-friendly, alternative wedding flower ideas.

1. Baby’s Breath Wedding

Ok, so it’s still technically a flower, but  a fraction of the cost, and oh so versatile! No longer just the “filler flower”, baby’s breath is becoming increasing popular among the modern brides as bouquets, centerpieces and venue decorations.

baby's breath

2. Shabby Chic Theme

Shabby Chic, where eclectic meets elegance. Think vintage teacups, mason jars, birdcages, bunting and books. Many of these items you can pick up cheap in your local thrift shop or better still by raiding your granny’s cupboards….Look, not a flower in sight!

Shabby Chic Wedding

3. Fruit Wedding

For a fruitful wedding, wrap seasonal fruit in tissue as healthy wedding favors for guests or get creative with edible centerpieces. If you really want to get your guests talking, be bold and have a fruit bouquet!

Fruit Wedding

4. Flower-less Bouquets

A flower-less bouquet? Yes you heard right, it is possible! Wow your guests with these unique non-floral bouquets…And best of all they last forever!

Flowerless Bouquet

5. Child’s Play

Wedding inspiration for the young at heart and those that dare to be different!

fun weddingKeep calm and marry on!

Somewhere over the Rainbow

Today, same-sex marriage became legal in New Zealand…So I couldn’t resist putting together an inspiration board of rainbow flavoured wedding joy to celebrate! rainbow colour schemeGood luck to the 31 same-sex couples tying the knot on this historic day. For those of you who are still planning your wedding I am offering 20% off my hourly rate when you book by the end of the month. Please don’t hesitate to contact me for more information or to discuss wedding planning options.

Keep calm and marry on!

Colour Scheme: A touch of Gold

colourschemegoldThis week’s wedding colour scheme was inspired by a question raised through our ‘Ask the Expert’ feature:

“I’m planning my gold themed wedding, I am finding it hard to piece things together, what I mean by that is I am getting the cake, decorations, dresses, ornaments etc all from different places, so of course not everything will look the same or similar for that matter. So, how can I make it so that everything flows together? I don’t want my wedding to appear as if I have literally copied and pasted random bits and bobs together with only one common aspect…Gold.”

While it is completely fine to use colour as a theme it can be hard to tie all the different elements together. My suggestion would be to introduce a specific theme to your wedding, such as a beach or rustic theme, or keep it simple with a pattern or shape, that way you don’t just have gold as the one common aspect and it becomes much easier to coordinate the invitations, favours, flowers, dresses etc. With gold, less is definitely more, so don’t overdo it, team it with white or other neutral colours.

Keep calm and marry on!

Colour Scheme: Soft Pinks & Succulent Greens

Pink & Green Colour SchemeYippee it’s the weekend!!

Sorry if I got your hopes up, I know it’s still only Thursday, but I’m taking the day off tomorrow and heading up to the Bay of Islands with my fiance Adam for a long weekend of recuperation after a hectic couple of weeks. I’ve also just realised that this Saturday will be exactly 1 year until our wedding and coincidentally we are going to be in Russell, where Adam proposed! Squeeeel!!

We’re are getting married back in the UK and want to have a Kiwi/travel theme so I’ll be taking lots of photos this weekend and keeping a keen eye out for all things Kiwi that I can incorporate into the wedding – follow me on Instagram & Facebook and help me out by submitting your Kiwiana ideas using #kiwianawedding. Speaking of wedding inspiration, I am loving the use of succulents, which inspired me to post another colour scheme. The soft greens and pink work so well together – don’t you agree?

Keep calm and marry on!

5 creative ways to ask your bridesmaids

Asking your bridesmaids to be a part of your big day should be a special moment…after all, these girls will be the ones keeping you sane throughout the planning process, helping you out with tedious tasks and putting up with your Bridezilla moments. You could keep it simple with a card and a heart-felt message, or go one-step further by popping the question to your girls in a way that will make them feel extra special and jumping  for joy that you’ve asked them to be a part of your big day in such a thoughtful and creative way.

I haven’t quite decided how I’m going to ask my girls yet, but I’ve spent a lot of time looking at different and unique ways of popping the question, here are some of my favourites:

1. Paper Chain Girls

These nostalgia paper chain girls are a simple, inexpensive and much more personal alternative to sending a card. Click here for more more details and the DIY instructions.

2.  Vintage Handkerchief


These keepsake handkerchiefs serve as gorgeous backdrops for the big question and for wiping away tears of joy when your girls see how gorgeous you look on your big day. Check out AllieRuth on Etsy to buy.

3. Wooden Spool


These cute wooden spools unravel to pop the question. Buy them online from ChoosingYou on Etsy, or if you’re feeling crafy, learn how to DIY here.

4. Bridesmaid Box


Give your girls the low-down on your wedding plans by filling a box with details of the wedding, photos of inspiration, colour schemes etc. That way they’ll feel much more involved in your big day. Read the full step-by-step guide here.

5. Scrabble Ring


Want to know how your fiance felt when he got down one one knee and proposed? Pop the question to your girls individually with their very own ring, initialed either ‘B’ for Bridesmaid or for their first name. Find out how to make your own Scrabble Rings or buy them online.

For more unique ideas, check out my Pinterest board. Which ever way you choose to ask your maids, I’m sure they’ll be thrilled to be a part of your big day.

Keep calm and marry on,

Sweet Inspiration: Top 10 Wedding Candy Bars

I’m so excited to do my own wedding candy bar and have already started buying glass jars, candy scoops and other bits & bobs! I know I’m getting a bit ahead of myself, given that the wedding is still over a year away yet, but you can never be too organised, can you?

A candy buffet bar is sure to be a big hit at any wedding. It’s also a great way to inject your personality into the reception room, create a focal point and get your guests talking. You really can have fun with this and it needn’t break the bank or your budget.

Over the past few months I’ve been pinning away images and inspiration. Here are some of the best candy bars I’ve come across so far:

1. Candy Brights

Candy Brights

2.  Contrasting Colours

Pink & Blue Candy Bar

3. Ombre

Pink Ombre Candy Bar

4. Traditional Candy Shop

Old fashioned candy bar

5. Secret Garden

Garden Candy Bar

6. Bronze Glamour

Orange Candy Bar

7. In Bloom

Tree Candy Bar

8. Sweet Love

Sweet Love

9. Candy Chic

Candy Chic

10. Taste the Rainbow

Rainbow Candy Bar