Wedding Flower Alternatives

Flowers in weddings started out simple and were traditionally incorporated as a symbol of fertility. Today, flowers continue to play a significant role in weddings, but have become much more elaborate and expensive – the bridal party bouquets, the flower girl’s basket of petals, confetti, the guests boutonnieres, decorating the cars, church, reception…the list goes on. And, before you know it you’ve eaten into a huge chunk of your budget!

If like me, you’d much rather spend that money on entertaining your guests or that designer wedding gown you’ve been admiring, then here’s some wallet-friendly, alternative wedding flower ideas.

1. Baby’s Breath Wedding

Ok, so it’s still technically a flower, but  a fraction of the cost, and oh so versatile! No longer just the “filler flower”, baby’s breath is becoming increasing popular among the modern brides as bouquets, centerpieces and venue decorations.

baby's breath

2. Shabby Chic Theme

Shabby Chic, where eclectic meets elegance. Think vintage teacups, mason jars, birdcages, bunting and books. Many of these items you can pick up cheap in your local thrift shop or better still by raiding your granny’s cupboards….Look, not a flower in sight!

Shabby Chic Wedding

3. Fruit Wedding

For a fruitful wedding, wrap seasonal fruit in tissue as healthy wedding favors for guests or get creative with edible centerpieces. If you really want to get your guests talking, be bold and have a fruit bouquet!

Fruit Wedding

4. Flower-less Bouquets

A flower-less bouquet? Yes you heard right, it is possible! Wow your guests with these unique non-floral bouquets…And best of all they last forever!

Flowerless Bouquet

5. Child’s Play

Wedding inspiration for the young at heart and those that dare to be different!

fun weddingKeep calm and marry on!


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